Meltdown Mania

4.9 ( 509 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 아케이드 퍼즐
개발자: Robert Puryear
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Welcome to the Salem Nuclear Power Plant family! As the newest member of our team, it is your job to keep the pressure under control on the reactor.

To keep the pressure down, you must press the console buttons in a specific color sequence within a set time frame. If the timer goes off, the pressure increases until…well lets just say you wont be the only one getting fired.

When you clear each screen, the power gauge increases and once full, you get an additional pressure release valve that, when used, reduces the pressure and increases your point total.

The faster you clear the buttons, the more points you get. Can you keep up?

Features include:

* Timed Game Mode - 60 second time limit when you just need a quick game
* GameCenter leader boards and achievements
* Addictive and challenging gameplay
* Universal